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Creatinine 503 and Proteinuria, How to Treat Nephrotic Syndrome

2017-09-09 16:33

Creatinine 503 and Proteinuria, How to Treat Nephrotic SyndromeDialysis may have been take in the nephrotic syndrome patients with creatinine 503umol/L . However, dialysis is not a good way for nephrotic syndrome patients, especially for the children. While, how to treat nephrotic syndrome with creatinine 503 and proteinuria?

What nephrotic syndrome with creatinine 503umol/L and proteinuria means?

Nephrotic syndrome, which can be caused by so many factors, is a group clinical manifestations. And the creatinine 503umol/L shows the kidney is damaged so badly that the body can not eliminate the excessive water and various wastes from body completely. As a result, the patients will have proteinuria and other symptoms, even have the risk for death.

Not that dialysis it the common treatment for nephrotic syndrome patients with failed kidney, why the patients are eager to get rid of it?

As a matter of fact, dialysis is merely a process for removing wastes and extra water from the blood and is used as an artificial replacement of the lost kidney function. It can not repair the diseased kidney and it will lead to itching skin, muscle cramp, nausea and vomiting, etc. So that, the patients long for accepting another treatment.

How can the nephrotic syndrome patients with creatinine 503umol/L and proteinuria be treated?

Here I will give an example to illustrate it. A 14 years old body have already get rid of dialysis with the help of a series of treatments. According to his test reports, we can see that his creatinine level is reduced to 146umol/L from 503umol/L, and his proteinuria is dispelled and his urinary output is increased to 1000ml\24h from 200ml\24h. now, his is able to enjoy his life.

Clinically, he receive Toxin-Removing Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Full Bath Therapy and Immunotherapy. All the treatments make use of the herbs which are picked up according to the patients’ illness conditions. So that, they have less adverse reactions and it can treat the patients effectively.

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