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How To Treat the Nephrotic Syndrome With Creatinine 5.9

2018-06-19 10:08

To a kidney patient ,the creatinine level 5.9 means his condition is on the stage4 of renal failure. The kidney cells have been damaged badly and lost more than half renal function, and on this stage kidney can not work normally to discharge toxins and wastes completely from blood, that may lead to the more and more toxins and wastes deposit in body, the large quantity toxins deposit in body will cause the swellings, large proteinuria and back pain etc to kidney patients. Then patients will look for the reasonable treatment to eliminate these discomforts and want to reverse the condition and live the normal life again.

In western medicine most patients have to accept the dialysis treatment ,that can help them discharge the toxins from body ,then the high creatinine level can be reduced . But in fact some toxins and wastes still stay in the blood and can not be removed by dialysis, and with the time going patients will feel tired and weak , easy to get infection for their poor immune system. At the same time dialysis is also a double-edged sword , on one hand it can help discharge some kinds of toxins and waste, on the other hand It can also remove some nutrients from blood and lead to the anemia of patients. Long time dialysis also hurt kidney function and the kidney function will decline more and more.At the same time the dialyssi can not help repair the damaged renal cells and recover the kidney function. And the anemia can lead to the ischemia and hypoxia of kidney ,the kidney can be hurt more further, at last it will develop to the end stage of renal failure.

Then is there a treatment which can help patients remove toxins to repair and improve damaged kidney at the same time? How to look for this reasonable treatment in China?

The detoxification therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine is very effective in treating kidney disease, it is researched by the kidney experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years, at present we have accepted lots of foreign patients and most of them has obtained the satisfied treatment effect.

It adopts the herbal medicine which has been produced into micro-molecule substance ,it can easily penetrate into the lesion of kidney ,with the external machine help it can help patients discharge much toxins from blood and repair the damaged kidney cells ,then after a period of treatment the damaged kidney function can be recovered again,then the patients can live the normal life again. The most advantage about the herbal medicine is no any side effect to patients.

At the same time according to different condition and different patients the herbal medicine is often adjusted to treat the renal disease. This systemic natural treatment is composed of other therapies, such as Medicate bath therapy, Medicated foot therapy, acupuncture therapy, Hot compress therapy, Moxbustion therapy, Fumigation therapy, Cupping therapy and High –retention enema therapy etc. These therapies can help patients discharge toxins and wastes from blood and repair the damaged kidney function and gradually reverse the condition and help patients reduce the high creatinine level naturally.

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