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How To Treat Occult Blood Caused By Renal Cysts

2018-06-26 17:40

To most nephrosis syndrome patients the occult blood is the commone symptom in the course of treatment ,and this will lead to the anemia and weakness ,easy to make some damage to their health.

How to treat occult blood caused by renal cysts The headache of many patients with kidney disease is occult blood, because the urine protein is generally well controlled and can quickly turn negative through hormones. However, occult blood is always difficult to eliminate, and often urine protein has turned negative, but occult blood is still positive.

Treatment usually requires anti-inflammatory treatment, because the biggest cause of occult blood is inflammation caused by infection. However, due to the particularity of the kidneys, the function they need to carry determines the difficulty of treatment. Therefore, hormones and antibiotics are generally used for forced suppression. This is also the reason why occult blood is difficult to eliminate.

How do we treat it?

Like the treatment of urine protein, it also starts from the cell level.

In view of the fact that oral drugs are difficult to reach the kidneys, we have pioneered new therapies such as modulating moxibustion, supervising steaming, circle therapy, acupoint application, medicine baths, and foot baths. Through a variety of drug delivery methods, we can make it easier for the drug to reach the kidneys. Improve the reliability of treatment.

By preventing the progression of renal cell necrosis and improving the state of renal cell ischemia, renal function can be effectively maintained, and the elimination of occult blood is the most effective method.To these new natural treatment our experts have developed it to be convenient and comfortable treatment for all kidney patients, if you want to know more detailed information please contact us throuth the following message:


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