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Why cold lead to nephrotic syndrome relapse

2013-12-12 15:13

Why cold lead to nephrotic syndrome relapseWhy cold lead to nephrotic syndrome relapse? This is a common question for patients with nephrotic syndrome. As nephrotic syndrome is a kidney disease which is easy to get relapses, and even a cold can cause the relapse. Moreover, every relapses of the nephrotic syndrome may make the patients closer to end stage kidney failure. So, it’s important for patients to get the reason why cold can cause relapses, and pay attention to preventing the cold.

Why cold lead to nephrotic syndrome relapses?

Nephrotic syndrome means a group of clinical symptoms with proteinuria, edema, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia. And the medical researches show that more than 95% nephrotic syndrome patients are caused by inflammation. Therefore, the treatment of nephrotic syndrome is usually controlling the symptoms and blocking inflammation.

As we know, cold is often caused by virus infections, and when patients catch a cold, the virus will encroach on the body. If the immune system is in disorder, the antibody and the virus will combine together which cause the formation of immune complexes. With the circulation of blood, these immune complexes will deposit in the kidneys. When the complexes deposit in the glomerular basement membrane, it will damage the kidney function, which will cause a large mount of proteinuria. And it will finally cause the nephrotic syndrome relapses or increase the deterioration of nephrotic syndrome.

From the above, the reason why cold lead to nephrotic syndrome relapses is not the cold, but the inflammation or infection which cause the immune complexes. And the complexes cannot be removed out because of the immune disorder.

How to prevent the nephrotic syndrome relapse?

In order to prevent the relapses of nephrotic syndrome, we need to find the root which cause the relapse. From the above, we know it is the immune complexes which deposit in kidneys. If patients want to prevent the relapses, they need to clear the immune complexes away. Only the immune complexes are cleared away, the inflammation can be blocked, and the relapses will be prevented.

Here, we are recommended immunotherapy to avoid the relapses. This therapy use both Chinese medicines and western medicines to threat immune disorder caused kidney disease. It combines the advantages of both Chinese medicines and western medicines, and with the different effects on patients, it will finally clear away the immune complexes in kidneys which will prevent the relapses of nephrotic syndrome fundamentally and effectively. If you want to get the detailed information of immunotherapy, you can e-mail to

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