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Alternative treatment for nephrotic syndrome patients who take omnacortil for their illness

2013-12-23 17:09

Alternative treatment for nephrotic syndrome patients who take omnacortil for their illnessIs there any alternative treatment for nephrotic syndrome patients who take omnacortil for their illness? Nephrotic syndrome is a sign of kidney dysfunction, and patients with nephrotic syndrome often have the symptoms of large amount of proteinuria, swelling, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipemia.

Bad effects of taking omnacortil

For nephrotic syndrome patients, they often recommend to use omnacortil for their illness. Omnacortil is similar to a hormone which can be produced by the body naturally, and this medicine can relive pain, inflammation and allergic reaction through reducing the action of the immune system. However, as we know, western medicine often has side effects on patients after they taking it. Taking omnacortil can also some side effects on nephrotic syndrome patients, such as insomnia, acne, bruising or thinning of the skin, sweating more than usual and noticing that the shape of body fat has changed. These side effects will affect the life quality of these patients, and omnacortil can only remit the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, but it cant remedy the kidney damage.

Alternative treatment for nephrotic syndrome patients

As we know, the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome are caused by the damaged glomeruli, so in order to remedy the symptoms, patients should have some treatment on their damaged glomeruli. If patients wants to remedy their nephrotic syndrome, they need to have systemic treatments on their illness.

Nephrotic syndrome is often caused by the immune disorder, with the immune complex exposited in kidneys, so we recommend to have treatments to remove the immune complex and improve the immune system. Some Chinese medicines have the function of improving the immune system and promoting the blood circulation, which can remove the immune complexes in kidneys out from urine. Besides, some Chinese medicines can also repair the damaged glomeruli and improve the kidney function. Through systemic treatment, the illness condition of nephrotic syndrome patients will improved obviously.

Therefore, for nephrotic syndrome patients, they should have effective treatments on their kidney damage, which will remit and control their symptoms fundamentally. If you want to get more detailed treatments for nephrotic syndrome, you can ask our experts online.

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