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How To Stop Nephrotic Syndrome Develop Into End Stage Renal Disease

2018-06-29 16:29

End Stage Renal Disease,Nephrotic SyndromeNo one treatment can cure nephrotic syndrome, patients will develop into End Stage Renal Disease with uncontrolled illness conditions. So how to stop the progression of nephrotic syndrome is very important to prolong life expectancy. Following this article to get the principles, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

What diet principles should nephrotic syndrome patients follow?

For kidney disease patients, irregular diet and infection is the root cause of aggravating kidney disease. That is to say, for nephrotic syndrome patients, they should follow a low salt, low fat, low sugar, low but high quality protein diet. Also they should eat more vegetables, eat less potassium diet, less fat, and keep proper exercise as well as avoiding tiredness and infection. It is good for your kidneys.

What treatments should be the principles?

Immunotherapy combines western and Chinese medicines together. We know western medicine and Chinese medicines show different effects and have their own advantages. In immunotherapy, western medicines are used to help nephrotic syndrome patients to control their illness conditions. If the symptoms are left alone, they are more likely to speed up the deterioration of nephrotic syndrome into kidney failure. Thus, keeping illness conditions under control like hyperlipidemia, edema and hypoalbuminemia is very essential. It shows quick effects on controlling nephrotic syndrome symptoms, but it is far from enough for patients to get recovery simply by controlling symptoms. In this case, Chinese medicines are used to remove the root cause of kidney damages. The kidney damage is caused by inflammation when immune complex deposit in the kidneys. In this light, immunotherapy has the function of removing immune complexes out of the kidneys so as to stop inflammation and stem further kidney damage. Besides, Chinese medicines have the ability of blood vessel dilation, inflammation and coagulation prevention and extracellular matrix degradation, which is also helpful for removing immune complexes and preventing serious complications like thrombus and stoke from happening.

Immunotherapy has good effects to stop the progression, which can help prolong life expectancy successfully.


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