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TCM Is the More Effective Treatment Than Western Medicine

2018-07-20 09:42

The Nephrotic syndrome is the common disease in all kinds of kidney disease ,and the proteinuria and hematuria is the typical symptom of Nephrotic syndrome, the patients often take some western medicines to relieve and proteinuria and hematuria,at the first period the condition can be improved obviously ,but with the time goes by the proteinuria and hematuria will replapse ,then how to do the next time, the patients are very confused about that,Now more and more kidney patients are accepting the Traditional Chinese medicines ,and I will show you the important use of TCM to kidney disease.

Improve renal function

Activating blood stasis can promote the absorption of fibrous tissue, improve the blood circulation of the kidney, reduce the high coagulation state, so that some of the used kidney units can be repaired to different degrees.

Diuretic effect

Water medicine of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a very positive diuretic effect, the kidney medicine can improve the kidney filtration rate, improve renal blood flow, the medicine can reduce renal tubular reabsorption of water, so the two together can improve the diuretic effect.


Some Chinese traditional medicine have two-way adjustment function on the immune function, Chinese medicine wind to wet medicine has anti allergic effect, according to research confirmed that this medicine can relieve glomerular changes in inflammation, restrain immune complex formation.

Improve your metabolism

TCM treatment of nephrotic syndrome promotes blood circulation and metabolism in the kidneys, while increasing the amount of blood perfusion in patients, effectively improving the patient's health.Now more and more kidney patients come to Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to accetp the special therapy --Natural treatment to improve their kidney condition, if you have any qestions or want to know more detailed about that please contact us through the following message:


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