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Can PKD Patients Eat Eggs with Kidney Stones

2013-12-22 15:38

Can PKD Patients Eat Eggs with Kidney StonesCan PKD patients eat eggs with kidney stone? As we know, kidney stones is a common complication of PKD, and with a proper and healthy diet, the patients with kidney stones can benefit themselves. Eggs is a popular food as it contains high-quality protein, but PKD patients should pay attention to what can eat and what cant eat. So the PKD patients with kidney stones may wonder whether they can eat eggs or not.

What causes kidney stones?

Kidney stones which are small rocks formed in kidneys. There are 4 common kidney stones, and they are uric acid stones, calcium oxalate stones, cystine stones and struvite stones. And calcium stones are the most common stone among kidney stones. When calcium combines with oxalates, it will cause kidney stones. And uric acid stones are developed from high level of uric acid in body. Struvite stones are often caused by an infection in the urinary system. Cystine stones are rare.

Should PKD patients eat eggs with kidney stones?

We all know that eggs are high in protein, and people often take eggs to supply their protein. However, eggs are also high in calcium. If PKD patients take too many eggs, it will increase the risk of occurrence of kidney stones. So for PKD patients, they’d better avoid eating eggs. They can take some other high quality protein foods, such as nuts and beans.

Besides, PKD patients with kidney stones should also follow some other diet principles to prevent the form of kidney stones or reduce the amount of kidney stones.

- Take much water

- Eat more vegetables and fruits with have the function of diuretic

- Avoid the foods high in oxalates

- Limit the intake of animal protein

- Limit the consumption of dairy products

- Get rid of drinking alcohol

You should not ignore the kidney stones in your body, they are much serious than your PKD. Because the kidney stones will bring pain to you or get inflammations to damage your kidneys. So you should have effective and prompt treatment to treat your kidney stones and prevent the repeat of kidney stones. All these will be helpful for you. If you still have some questions, you can ask our experts online or send e-mail to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com.

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