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Will Stomach Pain A Sign of PKD

2017-04-23 11:34

Will Stomach Pain A Sign of PKDFor the person who has a PKD family history, if there is a pain in stomach, please go to the hospital and take tests to make sure whether you have cysts in the kidney. In a word, the stomach pain can be a sign of PKD.

Why the patients are in need of lab test when they have the stomachache?

According to the clinical records, the patients won’t find out they have cysts in the kidney in time as there is no obvious symptoms. When they have stomach pain, the cysts is so big that the cysts burst. If the patients do not pay attention to this, the renal function will be reduced, and thus, the patients will be ill with swelling, anemia, vomiting and other sufferings. Moreover, the patients will have a pain in stomach as the poisonous depositions which should be totally eliminated by the kidney are assembled in the body.

Therefore, what can we do to alleviate the stomach pain for PKD patients?

For the early stage of PKD, we need to remove the cysts. But if it developed worse, we should diminish the cysts, clean up the poisons and recover the renal function.

In the meanwhile, the patients are required to have a healthy living-style and suitable diets.

Then, what treatment is better for PKD patients?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is a Chinese medicine external application treatment can take a good effect on treating PKD patients. During the treatment, the active materials of the special herbs which are selected up based on the patients’ present illness situations will be used to extend the blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, dispel the blood stasis, improve the blood circulation, limit the cysts, repair the renal function and so on with less adverse reactions. Hence, the fluid of the cysts will be carried out, and it is able to stop the cysts from secreting harmful things and to repair the damaged renal cells. Since, it is a better option to treat PKD. What’s more, the stomach pain will disappear.

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