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What Are The Manifestations Of Polycystic Kidney

2018-12-08 09:16

To most kidney patients there is no doubt that the kidney with polycystic kidney will be the most affected, and both kidneys with polycystic kidney will have cysts, and the number of cysts is often not just one, and because cysts will expand, they will damage the structure of the kidney, which may lead to renal failure at this time.

1. Cysts, polycystic kidney, as the name implies, are multiple cysts. The appearance of polycystic kidney will lead to the appearance of multiple cysts. At the beginning, the number of cysts will be smaller and the size will be smaller. As the disease worsens, the number will increase and become larger.

2 High blood pressure, half of the polycystic kidney patients will show symptoms of high blood pressure at an early stage, and at the end of polycystic kidney, almost all patients will show symptoms of high blood pressure.

3. Pain may occur in the back or abdomen of patients with polycystic kidney disease, and the older they get and the larger the renal cyst, the more severe the pain will be. If the pain suddenly becomes stronger or occurs suddenly, the cyst may be broken. The chronic pain is caused by the pulling or pressing of the kidney.

4 Bleeding occurs spontaneously and after strenuous exercise. Why can appear hematuria? It may be that the blood vessel of the cyst is broken, infected, and has malignant transformation. The average duration of hematuria does not exceed seven days.

5 With regard to the damage of renal function, polycystic kidney patients can maintain normal renal function for a long time, but once the damage of renal function occurs and the renal function declines, the renal function will continue to decline and will generally develop to the end stage within 10 years.

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