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Can A Woman Give Birth To Child After She Got The Renal Cyst?

2018-08-19 10:31

When women have kidney problems they are often told that they cannot have their own child ,that is very hard to ensure their children are healthy.Then what is the appropriate measures to help these women to have their own children? Can kidney cyst patient give birth to a child? Does it affect fertility? The birth of kidneycyst is a problem that patients are very concerned about. Simple kidneycyst patients do not affect the birth. Of course, if kidneycyst is found, they still need timely treatment. Experts recommend pregnancy after treatment.

Can kidneycyst patient give birth to a child? Does it affect fertility? Even if the kidneycyst patient is treated surgically, she can become pregnant after one and a half months after the removal of the kidneycyst. If she is pregnant, she can eat more fruits and vegetables such as potatoes and green leafy vegetables. Eat pork liver and drink fish soup. Based on the inheritance law of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney ( i.e. adult polycystic kidney ), the following work can be done for the purpose of eugenics:

1. pay attention to b – ultrasound examination before marriage ( especially those whose parents have polycystic kidneys ) and avoid the marriage of both men and women suffering from the disease, because which will increase the incidence of the next generation;

2. polycystic kidney patients should be examined for ” cyst gene” of amniotic fluid or chorionic cells at the 10th week of pregnancy. Since the disease is 50 % hereditary ( those whose parents are unilaterally ill ), molecular genetics examination can help polycystic kidney families to choose a healthy child. And the child will no longer carry genetic genes to affect offspring.

Can kidneycyst patient give birth to a child? Does it affect fertility? .. Because of the heavy burden on the kidney, the different stages of kidneycyst are also different. Patients need to communicate with relevant doctors according to their own conditions.

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