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What Should be the Next Steps to Hypertension Caused by Kidney Cysts

Patient 09-20 00:11:47 I have just had an ultrasound scan on my kidneys as I suffer from white coat syndrome high BP readings when readings are taken at the doctors surgery and although my home readings average around 135/75 my GP and a ren...Read More

What is the Relation Between Back Pain and PKD

Clinically, the PKD patients usually also suffer from back pain. While, what is the relation between back pain and PKD? How to alleviate the back pain for PKD patients? What should the patients with back pain and PKD pay attention to in dai...Read More

What are Treatments to Anemia with PKD

PKD refers to Polycystic Kidney Disease in which abnormal cysts are growing in the kidneys. In this medical situation, the growth cysts will large the kidneys, and thus reduce the kidney function and oppress the nearby tissues. So that, the...Read More

How to Reduce Protein in Urine and Blood Pressure in Patients with PKD

What is PKD? Once the PKD patients have protein in urine and high blood pressure, how to reduce them safely and effectively? What should the PKD patients pay close attention to in daily? PKD standing for polycystic kidney disease is a hered...Read More

Creatinine 3.4 and PKD, Is It Possible to Cure Proteinuria

For PKD patients, the creatinine 3.4 means the kidney is severely damaged by the unnumbered cysts growing in the kidney. And thus, the protein will be leaked into urine. While, is it possible to cure proteinuria for PKD patients with creati...Read More

Will Stomach Pain A Sign of PKD

For the person who has a PKD family history, if there is a pain in stomach, please go to the hospital and take tests to make sure whether you have cysts in the kidney. In a word, the stomach pain can be a sign of PKD. Why the patients are i...Read More

What are Natural Treatments to Manage Proteinuria with PKD

An India patient who is struggling in PKD asked me about the natural treatments to reduce proteinuria. I believe more and more PKD patients are searching for the natural treatments due to the disadvantages of the dialysis. Hence, what are n...Read More

What Are The Symptoms Of Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) often does not have symptoms in the early stage. In addition, do you want to know more details about symptoms of PKD, you can contact our online doctor directly. Polycystic Kidney Disease is a genetic disorde...Read More

Hot Flashes in PKD: How to Deal with It

Hot flashes is often caused by the changing hormone levels that are characteristic of menopause, some of the PKD patient also will experience it. Then, how to deal with the hot flashes in PKD?...Read More

What are the Causes of Bad Smell of Urine in PKD

Many Polycystic kidney disease patients suffer from a bad urine smell just like ammonia, which makes troubles for them. Then, what are the causes of bad smell of urine in PKD?...Read More