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How Often The Polycystic Kidney Disease Inherite To Family

2018-09-10 10:00

To most kidney cyst patients they almost know that the polycystic kidney disease is the genetic disease in their family,but how about the possibility of heredity ?How high is the genetic probability of polycystic kidney disease?

Polycystic kidney Disease have family clustering tendency, and the next generation has a genetic chance of as high as 50%, which can cause several consecutive generations of diseases. Most of the lesions have already existed in the fetal period. The whole kidneys are covered with cysts of different sizes. The small ones with the size of large rice grains, and the large ones can reach several centimeters. These cysts will grow up with age. The enlarged cysts will stress the kidneys, cause damage to the structure of the kidneys, and cause fibrosis. As the damage worsens, the kidneys cannot maintain normal physiological functions, resulting in uremia. How high is the genetic probability of polycystic kidney disease?

So what are the precautions in daily life?

1, Do not use drugs blindly. Patients with polycystic kidney disease must not use drugs indiscriminately. Using the wrong drugs not only fails to achieve therapeutic effect, but may also aggravate the condition. Drug treatment should be conducted under the direction of a specialist.

2, Diet. Do not eat too salty, spicy or irritants, contaminated food. Do not eat barbecue. Renal insufficiency or uremia patients should also avoid beans and their products, limit high animal protein foods, greasy food.

3, pay attention to rest. Avoid strenuous exercise and physical labor to prevent abdominal injury. When the kidney enlargement is obvious, suspenders should be used instead of the belt to avoid rupture of the cyst; Generally reviewed once a year (including blood pressure, urine routine, renal function, and B ultrasound); Avoid all nephrotoxic drugs; Relatives (parents, siblings, and children) should have B-ultrasound.

4, prevention and treatment of infection. Take a shower not bath in the tub, do not hold back urine, pay attention to genital hygiene, try to avoid catheterization and other urinary tract examination.

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