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What Is The Symptoms Of PKD And How To Deal With It Effectively

2018-08-04 09:15

As to the kidney patients the polycystic kidney is a great trouble to deal with.and that is very hard to eliminate the cysts and recover the kidney function.Judging from the family, polycystic kidney has a typical family history, which is divided into infant type and adult type. Infant type often dies shortly after birth because the kidney does not function. However, multiple renal cysts have no family history. Polycystic kidney is a hereditary disease that is often stained. multiple renal cysts can be congenital but can be caused by trauma, inflammation, tumors, etc. Urine is present in kidney cyst of PKD, and body fluid is present in multiple renal cysts, which contain red blood cells, etc. Polycystic kidney can appear hematuria, hypertension, swelling, renal insufficiency, uremia, multiple renal cysts generally do not appear hypertension, renal insufficiency, etc.

For patients with polycystic kidney,they often accept the western medicines at first,and doctors always tell them to wait for the condition development,as the cysts increase to the certain size to affect the kidney function,then the doctor advise them to do surgery to eliminate the cysts,but after a while the cyst will relapse again,why?the western medicine can not treat it from root,the abnormal tubular epithelial cells will always secret the cyst liquid,if we can accept some reasonable treatment to depress the activity of tubular epithelial cells then the cyst will not grow up ,and the natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you promote the blood circulation of kidney to absorb the cyst liquid to shrink the cyst,that means we can control the development of cystic body and eliminate symptoms. Multiple renal cysts can control or reduce the cystic body, while smaller ones can be eliminated.

Polycystic kidney does not have intact renal parenchyma. In the parenchyma of kidney that does not have large cyst, the echo is also obviously enhanced, higher than the internal echo of normal liver or spleen. The renal parenchyma echo of multiple renal cysts is still normal, and its echo is lower than the internal echo of liver or spleen. Polycystic kidney is mostly bilateral, with hepatic cyst, renal insufficiency and family history. Multiple renal cysts are common on one side and renal function is normal. Judging from clinical manifestations, many polycystic kidney patients will not have lumbago, infection, hematuria, urinary pain and other symptoms until they are 40 years old if they have not undergone a medical examination. Moreover, polycystic kidney patients are often accompanied by high blood pressure. Many of the multiple renal cysts were also discovered by chance, such as physical examination. Some patients will have low back pain, but there will be no complications such as hypertension. According to laboratory tests, urine analysis and renal function index examination of polycystic kidney patients will show abnormal performance, but various examinations of multiple renal cysts will show normal performance.

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