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Herbs to Shrink Kidney Cyst

2013-10-01 11:47

Herbs to Shrink Kidney CystSurgery is the most commonly used method for kidney cyst; however, due to its disadvantages, many patients are reluctant to choose surgery as their treatment. And also, many patients asked if there are herbs that can help to shrink kidney cysts, so as to protect kidney tissues from being damaged.

Kidney cyst refers to the fluid collection in kidney. It can be acquired after birth, also can be genetic. In medicine, the most common genetic problem that can cause formation of cysts in kidney is Polycystic Kidney Disease which can be shorted as PKD. In general, small kidney cysts are harmless for kidney and no treatment is needed to treat them. However, for big kidney cysts, if not shrunk effectively, they will damage kidney tissues and impair kidney function. In medicines, there are indeed herbs like Lei Gong Teng that can stop the formation of cysts in kidney, but today we will introduce another herbal treatment which has been proven to be able to shrink kidney cyst and it is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

In Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, different herbs are used externally and these herbs shrink kidney cyst by making pressure difference outside the cyst and inside the cyst. We all know, some cysts in kidney enlarge over time and they become bigger and bigger because of the increasing cystic fluid. Therefore, as long as fluid in cyst is reduced effectively, kidney cyst becomes smaller or we can say kidney cysts are shrunk.

Herbs used in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy have function to expanding blood vessels and promoting blood circulation. With the help of these herbs, blood pressure outside the cyst can be decreased to the level that is lower than that inside the cysts. Under such a condition, cystic fluid oozes out easily.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the only herbal treatment that can shrink kidney cysts without causing side effects or discomforts. Therefore, if you have not find an effective treatment method, you can try this one.

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