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How To Treat The Polycystic Kidney Diseaes Effectively

2018-12-04 08:29

To most polycystic patients they are always suffering from the cysts of kidney and can not live the normal life.then they are eager to accept the reasonable treatment to eliminate the cysts and improve their kidney function,then as a kidney doctor i want to share with you some treatment methods as following:

1. General treatment

Under normal circumstances, patients should keep optimistic attitude after find polycystic kidney disease. If they have not affected their normal life, they should pay attention not to less eat salty, spicy and other stimulating foods at ordinary times, work and rest time should be regular, and their mood should be stable and optimistic. If it affects the patient’s normal life, we should pay attention to the above items at ordinary times and treat them as soon as possible, otherwise it will be too late for them to develop into uremia due to renal failure.

2. windowing decompression of cyst

This operation can reduce the compression of the cyst on the renal parenchyma, protect most of the remaining renal units from compression and further damage, improve renal ischemia, restore some renal units, and delaye the development of the disease. The key to the success of the operation is to perform the operation as early as possible, and the decompression of cysts must be complete without giving up the decompression of small cysts and deep cysts. Both sides should be operated on. Generally, the interval between operations on both sides is more than half a year. If the renal function is damaged in azotemia and uremia, no matter whether there is hypertension or not, decompression treatment is no longer meaningful, but surgery can aggravate the disease.

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment

At present, traditional Chinese medicine takes conservative treatment ( taking traditional Chinese medicine ) in treating polycystic kidney disease, and the effect is very good. Traditional Chinese medicine adopts the holistic concept and syndrome differentiation and treatment, and believes that polycystic kidney is the result of the combined action of external and internal causes. Through cascade diversion, the cyst fluid is gradually discharged to achieve the goal of gradually shrinking the cyst. Although traditional Chinese medicine can’t conquer genetic problems at present, the effect of conservative treatment is incomparable to western medicine, and basically has no toxic or side effects and is not easy to recur.

4. Dialysis and Transplantation

When entering the end-stage renal failure, dialysis should be used immediately and hemodialysis should be the first choice. The survival rate of kidney transplantation for polycystic kidney is similar to that for other reasons, but the concomitant diseases increase the difficulty of post-operation treatment and affect the transplantation effect.

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