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How To Deal With Kidney Cyst And Etiology Of Cyst

2018-08-02 09:37

When you get kidney cyst you must make a research for it on internet to know more information about that,but at first there is no any discomforts and you will ignore the treatment .But with the cyst growing up it will affect the kidney function and patients will feel discomfortable . Can kidney cyst be cured? Illness makes people panic, in western medicine doctor always do surgery to eliminate the cysts ,but after a while the cyst will relapse again,then more and more patients are disappointed to the treatment. what’s more, kidney disease is such a difficult disease. However, renal cyst patients do not have to say no hope, as long as they find the correct treatment method and cooperate with the treatment, they can. However, the patient’s friends can’t ignore the harm of renal cyst either. Let’s learn about the harm of renal cyst today.

What is the harm of renal cyst? Renal cyst, as its name implies, is a cystic lesion that caused by the stasis in the kidney. The renal tubular epithelial cell is damaged and secrets liquid to form cyst,only accept the surgery can not block the damaged epithelial cells growing.Common renal cysts such as simple renal cyst, parapelvic cyst and polycystic kidney etc. With the popularization of physical examination and the wide application of b – ultrasound and CT, the detection rate of renal cyst disease has increased significantly, which has become a relatively common renal disease in clinic. Some renal tumors ( e.g. cystic renal cell carcinoma ) have similar cystic structures due to necrosis and cavity formation in the tumor. They should be differentiated from renal cysts. Most renal cysts are congenital and a few are acquired or undetermined.

What is the harm of renal cyst? Can kidney cyst be cured? At present, the etiology of renal cyst is not clear. The vast majority of patients are adults and are rare among children. Men outnumber women. With the growth of age, the incidence rate gradually increases. about 50 % of people over 50 years old have one or more simple renal cysts, and the prevalence rate of people over 70 years old is as high as 90 %. The small simple renal cyst grows slowly, has little influence on renal function, and has little chance of malignant transformation. It only needs regular observation. For simple renal cysts larger than 4 cm in diameter, cysts with rapid enlargement, or cysts with suspected malignant changes, they should be treated in a timely manner.

At present the natural treatment which has been researched for many years by kidney experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine can help patients solve this problem,it can decrease the activity of tubular epithelial cells and block the excretion of liquid,then the cyst will never grow up again and with the promotion of blood circulation,the cyst liquid can be absorbed gradually,and at last the cyst can be shrunk .Then more and more foreign patients come to our hospital to accept the natural treatment.If you want to know more detailed information please contact us through following:

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