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The Characteristics Of Renal Cysts And Reasonable Treatments

2018-12-13 09:11

To most renal cyst patients don’t know exactly why they may have kidney cysts,and they always ask what I can do if my kidneys are with three cysts and my hands and feet are swollen with lumbago, How do renal cysts become larger and more numerous?

1. The number of cysts has gradually increased: It is estimated that 1 – 5 % of kidney units can produce cysts under the action of Polycystic kidney genes, and each kidney has 1 – 2 million kidney units. Therefore, the number of cysts that may be produced is conceivable. However, all possible cysts do not appear at the same time. Under the influence of various factors, the number of cysts will gradually increase and new cysts will appear continuously once the existence of cysts is found.

2. Cysts continue to grow: When the cyst gene acts on the tubule epithelial cells to proliferate, the tubule lumen is gradually blocked, and the cyst gene changes the state of the tubule basement membrane at the same time, so that after forming the cyst, on the one hand, the urine filtered out from the glomerulus enters the cyst, on the other hand, the cyst epithelial cells are continuously secreted, thus causing the cyst to grow continuously.

3, the uneven growth rate of cysts: Due to infection, poor diet, emotional disorders, toxin exposure, inappropriate activities ( tiredness ) and other factors, two different phenomena have emerged during the growth of cysts: active period and stable period. That is, sometimes the growth rate is very fast, sometimes it is relatively stable and the growth rate is relatively slow.

What can I do if my kidneys are with three cysts and my hands and feet are swollen with lumbago? The characteristic Chinese medicine osmotic therapy shows that it can:

1. Expand the blood vessels on the blood vessel wall around the polycystic kidney, accelerate the blood circulation of the capsule wall, and promote the permeability of the capsule wall to increase; and the pressure of blood vessels in the capsule wall is reduced. Reverses the pressure difference due to the blood vessel internal pressure being higher than the bladder internal pressure; Accelerating the continuous resorption of water from the fluid in the cyst into the blood vessel.

2. The active substance of special Chinese medicine osmotic therapy inhibits the continued secretion of epithelial cells on the cyst wall; Prevent the cystic wall vessels and cysts from continuing to swell. Through the above treatment measures, the active substance of the characteristic Chinese medicine osmotic therapy has played an obvious role in the treatment of renal cysts, improving the state of vascular wall and cyst circulation disorder, softening the capsule wall, increasing the permeability of the capsule wall to the outside and inhibiting the secretion of capsule wall cells.

3. Reduce the formation of fluid in the cyst, reduce the pressure on glomeruli, renal tubules and renal vessels, promote the blood circulation of damaged renal tissues, improve local hypoxia, and create a relaxed repair environment for accelerating the repair of damaged renal tissues.

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