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How to Treat Enlarged Cysts in PKD

2015-08-04 16:14

Cysts in PKD, Enlarged Cysts, PKD, How to Treat Enlarged Cysts in PKDHow to treat enlarged cysts in PKD? Polycystic Kidney Disease is a genetic kidney disease with numerous renal cysts. Meanwhile it is also a family renal disease. Some patients are diagnosed with PKD in the early time, they even cannot enjoy their childhood.

The brief introduction of Children with the enlarged cysts

Polycystic Kidney Disease attacks Children thus destroying their wonderful childhood and giving heavy burden on their parents. Apart from family reasons, the cysts in the children are also enlarging in the following reasons:

Children are curious about everything and are active. They may usually hurt themselves leading to various infections. The various infections create a better environment for the cyst’s growth. If infections occur in our body, the blood is also influenced thus flowing into the kidney and aggravating the cysts growth. With the development of cysts, the renal conditions are also keeping worse.


PKD follows amounts of symptoms. They are backache, hematuria, high blood pressure, anemia and so on. Therefore many western pills are recommended for children. If children take them for a long time, western pills continue to bring damage to kidney.

With the enlarged cysts, children’s lives are seriously threatened. Without effective control, PKD may develop into End Stage Renal Disease.

How to treat enlarged cysts in PKD?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy contains the activated Chinese medicines. The activated Chinese medicines work on kidney thus treating PKD from root perspective. We need to find BL 23 Acupoints at first place. The activated Chinese medicines with the help of BL 23 Acupoints and osmosis machine enter into kidney thus reliving renal damage and recovering renal functions. Meanwhile it also shrinks cysts and oppresses the regrowth of cysts.

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