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PKD with Creatinine 4.9 How to Prevent It from Worsening

2015-10-07 16:19

PKD with Creatinine 4.9 How to Prevent It from WorseningPKD with creatinine 4.9 how to prevent it from worsening ? As we all know that PKD is a kind of genetic disease, it cannot be cured totally. But with proper and timely treatment, this disease can be controlled well.

For PKD patient with creatinine 4.9, the following suggestions should be helpful for them:

1. Have less salt food (including preserved food, pickles, tinned meat), spicy food (including hot pepper, liquor, shrimp, crab, etc.) contaminated food (perishable food, leftovers, etc.) broiled dishes. Limit high protein food from animal and oily food, etc.

2. Try not to drink coffee, coca cola, cold drinks, strong tea, alcohol.

3. Have good rest. Avoid drastic physical strength, and trauma on abdomen.

4.Do some mild exercises, but not strenuous exercises.

5. In daily life, in order to avoid the rupture of the cysts, the abdominal pressure should not be too much. When she bend down, be careful. Don't lift too heavy objects, avoid twisting waist violently, have a loose belt, and try not to have constipation.

Please keep in mind the above suggestions

6. Try to do not get any infection, especially the throat infection, urinary tract infection.

All those suggestions are helpful for preventing this disease from worsening, but if you want to get your disease under control totally, you should take the proper treatment timely.

How to prevent PKD from worsening ?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the innovation of traditional Chinese Herb Medicine, it is helpful for shrinking and inhibiting the cysts from regrowth, thus to prevent the kidneys from further damage. With the help of this treatment, PKD patient can live a quality life without dialysis or renal transplant.

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