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What Chinese Medicine is Effective for Treating PKD

2015-11-06 10:31

What Chinese Medicine is Effective for Treating PKDWhat Chinese Medicine is effective for treating PKD(Polycystic Kidney Disease)? To be frankly, as an effective treatment for PKD it not only should be able to relieve the pains caused by the enlarged cysts, but also should be able to inhibit the growth of those cysts and shrink their sizes.

What Chinese medicine is effective for treating PKD?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the perfect combination of traditional Chinese Herb Medicine and modern high technology, it can meet the demand we’ve mentioned above, it not only can relieve the pains but also can shrink the sizes of cysts, even can inhibit them from growth again. So this kind of therapy is good for PKD patient, it can help those patient live better without operation.

How can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treat PKD ?

This kind of treatment can expand blood vessels, speed up blood circulation on cysts walls, and improve the permeability of the small blood vessels on cyst wall thus making the cysts shrink and decrease.

Meanwhile, the effective medicines will restrain the proliferation of the lining cells, so the secretion of cyst liquid will be reduced. When the internal pressure of the cyst declined, the size of the cyst will gradually become smaller, thus relieving the compression of the tissues around, improving microcirculation, and blocking the progressing of renal fibrosis. In addition, this therapy or the medical ingredients circulate with kidneys, so all cysts, no matter big or small, would be treated. So, these cysts, after being shrunken, won't grow up again.

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