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Is Foot Bath Therapy Helpful for Shrinking Cysts in Polycystic Kidney Disease

2016-04-09 16:04

Foot Bath is one traditional Chinese medicine therapy, it has been proved to be effective in treating kidney disease. Then, is it helpful for shrinking cysts in Polycystic Kidney Disease?

Is Foot Bath Therapy Helpful for Shrinking Cysts?

In China, foot is considered as our second heart. Although foot is the most far organ from the heart, it gives the biggest burden on heart. Besides, there are many acupoints, reflection area and channels in pelma. Through stimulating these acupoints, patients can find their overall health condition is improved. From this point, we can know how important Foot Bath is for patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease.

What herbs can be used in Foot Bath Therapy to shrink cysts?

After many years' research, a series of herbs have been proven to be effective on increasing the permeability of cystic walls, prompting the reabsorption of sac fluid, and protecting the residual kidney functioning tissues.

Ground beeltle, rhizoma sparganii, semen plantaginis, lalang grass rhizome, and so on, all of these medicines can help improve PKD patients' blood circulation and prompt the reabsorption of cystic fluid. As long as more and more sac fluid is discharged out of the body via kidneys, kidney cysts can become smaller and smaller. Then, patients don't need to worry about their polycystic kidney cysts.

From the above we can know that foot bath therapy is helpful for shrinking cysts in polycystic kidney disease, however, only depending on foot bath therapy is far from enough to treat PKD. So as a PKD patient if you want to shrink kidney cysts effectively,you can

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