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Replace Treatment of Dialysis for Treating PKD

2016-05-01 16:58

Replace Treatment of Dialysis for Treating PKDIn general, for PKD patient, especially when they suffering from serious symptoms, they will be recommended to take dialysis. But to be frankly, dialysis is not the only option for this part of patient. Then, what treatment can replace dialysis to treat PKD?

Why dialysis is not the only option for PKD patient?

For most of the patients with high creatinine level, they still have some kidney functions, that is to say their kidneys haven’t goes failure totally. If they can take this chance and get proper treatment to protect the remaining kidney function they can get a chance to stop the progression of this disease, so they can live with this disease for a long time. If they are lucky enough and can repair some damaged kidney tissues, then they will improve their kidney function to some degree, until then, they can live a quality life without dialysis or renal transplant.

What treatment can replace dialysis to treat PKD?

In fact, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has good effect in treating PKD, it not only can shrink the size of cysts but also can inhibit them from regrowth.

This treatment is a conservative therapy without pumping fluid or relieving pressure. The Chinese medicines in it are micronized into one thousandths of its original size. With the action of the microwave, the medicine will permeate into the renal lesions directly through the skin and channels. We use Micro-Chinese Medicine to expand blood vessels, speed up blood circulation on cysts walls, and improve the permeability of the cysts thus making the cysts shrink and decrease.

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