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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Renal Cortical Cyst

2016-08-03 17:55

Renal cortical cyst filled with fluid can develop in one or both kidneys. If it is simple and asymptomatic, patients can live just like normal people. Otherwise, they should take treatments to manage it.

Treatments for treating renal cortical cyst

Food Therapy and Regular Examination

If patients’ renal cortical cyst is quite small, they are suggested to follow a correct food therapy and healthy lifestyle that can help slow down the growth of kidney cysts and prevent renal cyst complications. Besides, regular examination is needed to monitor the change of cortical cyst and makes patients get medical therapy timely if necessary.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is one innovation of traditional hot compression which can only improve blood circulation and ease patients’ back pain when placing in the kidney location. Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy can prompt the reabsorption of sac fluid and stop the filling of fluid into cystic wall, so it can treat renal cortical cyst and avoid its relapse effectively. What’s more, it is available for different sizes of renal cortical cyst no matter how large or small the cyst is.


Surgery is often applied to remove very large cortical cyst. If patients have severe kidney pain caused by large cyst, surgery is an good choice. However, if patients have urinary tract infections or hematuria, they may need to delay this operation.

You know different patient has different disease conditions, so during the treatment, the doctor will arrange different treatment accordingly. If you want to know which treatment is better for you or want to treat renal cortical cyst effectively, you can send email to us or leave message below, we will try our best to help you.

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