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Is there Any Treatment to Control PKD

2017-01-22 14:27

PKD is a kind of genetic kidney disease, no one can change the gene, but with proper treatment, this disease can be controlled well, so that the patient can live a quality life without too much pain.

Is it possible to control PKD?

As we mentioned above that PKD cannot be reversed, but it can be controlled well. So as a PKD patient, you should not worry too much, do not give up. You know, there is always some ways to get out the tough hour. Although, PKD is not easy to cure but it can be controlled well, so you should try your best to get a chance to enjoy a quality life.

You know, as the patient grows older, the kidney cyst will become bigger, and then press the kidney tissues and damage the kidney function. At that time, patients will present the symptoms like foamy urine, hematuria, dizziness, swelling, backpain, fatigue etc. After the kidney cysts become big enough, the patients will secrete the cystic liquid which is very easy to get infection in the kidneys. The final result of kidney cyst is kidney failure.

What treatment is helpful for controlling PKD?

The characteristic treatments can help the patient live better, it is known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This treatment is the natural treatment, without any side-effect.

Micro-Chinese Medicine is abstracted from the Chinese herbs, without any side-effect. This treatment is not surgery, not oral taking medicine, it is the external application method according to the Chinese acupuncture point.

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