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Serum Creatinine 3.4 with Protein Urine: How to Get Rid of These for One with Polycystic Nephropathy

2017-02-24 16:46

As a matter of fact, serum creatinine is a reference point of renal function’s ability. While protein in urine means a fact that there is something wrong happened in one’s renal function. When both of these symptoms appear in one’s body system, it is very hard for kidney disease patients to tolerate. Not only do these symptoms bring a negative influence on life’s quality, but also suffer a lot from that process. Therefore, more and more people under the same dilemma are eager to know how to get rid of these for one with polycystic nephropathy. In the following article, the author with a renal doctor will help you get rid of serum creatinine and protein urine gradually.

Before talking about how to solve these problems, there are several things you should make these clearly, which are benefit to continue the next treatment more efficiently. On one hand, as for polycystic nephropathy, it is featured as countless small or big cysts deposited in renal parenchyma. These cysts will inject renal function and the ability of glomerulus filtration rate. Serum creatinine as well as protein blood appear due to damaged renal function.

How to get rid of these symptoms

Toxins-Removing Treatment is used in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to clean harmful and poisonous substances out of blood. It combines Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath and Medicated Bath, which can promote blood circulation and anti-freezing. From this way, can toxins get rid of blood through sweating and defecating. Based on the first step, there is a favorable internal environment for the further treatment: enhance renal function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of effective way to promote renal function through a natural way. Because all of the Chinese medicine we adopt origin from nature without any side effects.

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