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How to Alleviate Itching Skin with PKD

2017-03-28 16:33

How to Alleviate Itching Skin with PKDFor patients who are suffering from PKD, once they have trouble with itching skin, what can they do? Can the itching skin be alleviated? What should we do to help the patients?

What is the reason why PKD patients have itching skin?

PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) is a genetic kidney disorder. PKD means there are countless large and small cysts are developing in the kidney. As a matter of fact, the cysts will burst. So that, the kidney will be injured in the setting. What’s more, the undesired things will be retained in the body as the renal function becomes lower and lower. As a result, patients will be ill with weakness, swelling, blood in urine and so on.

While the redundant phosphorus and toxins which should be eliminated by the kidney are assembled in the body, patients will have itching skin.

Hence, the leading cause of the itching skin is the damaged kidney.

According to this, what therapy can treat itching skin with PKD?

Immunotherapy. It makes use of both Chinese medicines and Western medicines to wake up the immune system. So, patients will have less possible to get an infection, and it is beneficial for the patients to get well.

Foot Bath. It is to bath patients’ feet with the water which contains the extractions of Chinese medicines. And thus, the poisons will be carried out, and the kidney will start to renew.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Which herbs will be used in the treatment depends on the patients’ illness conditions and the classical Chinese medicine theory. After the powder which are milled from the herbs is collected into two medical bags which are applied at the patients’ Shenshu area, the effective substances of the medical bags will permeate into body and enter the kidney by a treatment machine to dilate the blood vessels, dissolve the blood stasis, promote the blood circulation including the micro-circulation, etc. The renal self-recovery ability will be improved in the rewarding internal surrounding.

When the kidney is restored, the harmful things will be expelled, the itching skin will disappear, and the patient will have a better life.

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