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How To Shrink the Renal Cyst Of Size 5cm

2018-06-16 09:42

Commonly to say the renal cyst often occurs in the old person. When the cyst is small at the early time it does not affect the patient’s normal life and has no some discomfort symptoms. But when the cyst grows up gradually it will occupy the space of glomeruli in kidney, then there will appear some discomfort ,that means there is something wrong with the kidney ,some kidney cells have been damaged a little. Then in order to keep health the patients must accept some reasonable treatment to shrink the cyst , especially when the cyst has grown up to be 5 cm, that is so large that some glomerulis have been compressed and lead to ischemia and hypoxia for glomeruli , then it will lose filtration function step by step. The reasonable treatment is necessary to save the damaged glomerulis. Then what is the reasonable treatment for the cyst of 5 cm?

To many patients who suffer from the renal cyst ,with the growth of cyst more discomfort appear, such as hypertension, lower back pain, blood urine , fatigue and frequent urine at night etc, the size of 5 cm is large enough to affect the kidney function, with the more growth of cyst ,if the patients don’t accept some treatment, their kidney function will get more damage and the serious condition will never be reversed again. So the treatment is very necessary to patients, the common treatment in western medicine is to adopt surgery to shrink the cyst( cyst puncture), that can shrink the cyst by the withdraw the cyst liquid by the puncture needle, but the surgery can do damage to renal tubular, affect the absorbtion function of tubular. It can cause the infection and bleeding in kidney.The more important point is that the surgery can not restrain the cyst regrowth , the cyst is produced by the epithelial cells of tubular , for the pathological change of epithelial cells lead to secret cyst liquid constantly ,then the cyst will become large and large. If the activity of epithelial cells can not be restrained the cyst will regrow soon after the acupuncture surgery.

Then to the cyst patients ,except the surgery is there any reasonable treatment to shrink the cyst of 5cm?

The kidney experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has researched the herbal medicine therapy for many years and developed a series of special natural treatment for kidney disease. The Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy is the most effective treatment to shrink cyst, without surgery and any external damage to patients. It adopts lots of kinds herbal medicines which are produced into powder, the active substance of herbal medicine can penetrate into the kidney cyst with the help of penetration machine, increase the cyst wall permeability and retain the activity of epithelial cells, at the same time promote the blood circulation in kidney, then more and more cyst liquid will be absorbed ,the cyst volume decrease naturally . it can release the most effective medicine effect to cyst. The kidney cysts don’t regrow after the natural treatment. At the same time the cyst patients often have hypertension and that will affect the kidney cyst, then controlling the blood pressure well also help to shrink the cyst.

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