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PKD Patients without Dialysis:What Should We do?

2014-03-14 03:06

PKD Patients without Dialysis:What Should We do?Nowadays more and more PKD patients are afraid of Dialysis.Every week you need to choose some time to accept dialysis and insist on many years.What’s worse,dialysis fails to improve renal functions.Therefore many PKD patients are searching for other replacement therapy to relive their conditions.PKD Patients without Dialysis:What Should We do?If you are interested in treating PKD with Chinese Medicines,Click online doctors.

The brief introduction of PKD

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) progresses depending on consistent growth of cysts.Cysts enlarge and increase day by day.The fluid are full of cysts and the number of cysts increase.Kidney structures are damaged with the development of cysts.Meanwhile kidney functions are also decreasing.With the decreasing renal functions,many complications trouble your family thus lowering life quality.Even though you accept dialysis,your life expectancy will also be threatened as it never stops the progression of PKD.Is there any treatment to help patients to avoid dialysis and prolong life expectancy?

Kidney Treatment

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Comparing dialysis,the benefits for PKD patients to accept Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are as follows:

Removing stasis

The activated Chinese medicines in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has the function of removing stasis caused by PKD,which is similar to dialysis.But it is more safe and comfortable than dialysis.It is like a massage.

Controlling the development of PKD

The activated Chinese medicines in PKD shrink cysts by changing pressure of external and internal thus forcing fluid into blood.Meanwhile it also destroyed regrowth tissue of cysts.By the two ways can the development of PKD be controlled efficiently.

Repairing renal damage and Recovering renal functions

Chinese Medicines repair renal damage and recovers renal functions increasingly without fewer side effects.

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