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Avoid Dialysis for PKD Patients with Creatinine 5.9

2014-03-17 08:11

Avoid Dialysis for PKD Patients with Creatinine 5.9PKD patients with Creatinine 5.9 are going to have dialysis in near future.Apart from dialysis,is there any other treatments to help PKD patients with Creatinine 5.9?Follow our descriptions and find the answers.If you are eager to improve your life quality,Click online doctors.

The Brief Introduction for PKD patients with Creatinine 5.9

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a family kidney disease.There are many cysts growing on kidneys.Cysts increase and enlarge as time passes by.The growing cysts oppress surrounding tissues.Kidney functions will lose gradually.The filtration function fails thus leading to deposition of creatinine.Creatinine will be elevated to 5.9.Higher creatinine refers to serious renal damage Meanwhile Creatinine 5.9 is a period which needs dialysis in near future.If patients refuse to accept dialysis,creatinine will deposit in our body thus leading to serious complications.

Dialysis brings lots of trouble for PKD patients and lowers life’s quality.Is there any other treatments to help PKD patients with Creatinine 5.9?

Kidney Treatment

Hot Compress Therapy

Hot Compress Therapy is based on Chinese Medicines.Hot Compress Therapy has advantages in the following perspective:

Shrinking kidney cysts

Cysts are full of fluid.The activated Chinese medicines enter into kidney thus changing the pressure between internal and external.The fluid in the cysts will be oppressed and flows into blood.Therefore kidney cysts will be shrinking day by day.

Oppressing the growth of kidney cysts

Chinese medicines in Hot Compress Therapy destroys tissues of cysts thus oppressing the growth of kidney cysts.If cysts stop to progress,PKD can be controlled very well.Meanwhile dialysis can be also avoided successfully.

Repairing renal damage and Recovering renal functions

Repairing renal damage and recovering renal functions are two advantages of Hot Compress Therapy,which can treat kidney disease from root perspective.

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