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PKD Treatment: Know about Hot Compress Therapy for Creatinine 10

2014-05-21 08:47

The number of PKD patients keeps increasing as they are not finding effective treatment in time. Hot Compress Therapy is one of the most effective treatments for slowing down the progression of PKD with Creatinine 10.How does it work? Follow our descriptions and find your answers.

How does PKD lead to Creatinine 10?

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a family kidney disease. Definitely patients usually have family history. Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) develops by the growth of cysts. Cysts keep enlarged increasingly thus oppressing the surrounding areas. So kidney will be influenced thus decreasing renal functions. Kidney has so many important renal functions such as filtration function, adjustment function, balanced function that we can’t survive with dysfunctional kidneys.

Creatinine is one of the mainly wastes and toxins which depends on kidney to remove all of them out of the body in the form of urine. With dysfunctional kidney, our body will keep lots of wastes and toxins like Creatinine. Those useless substances circulate with our blood thus leading to serious complications. Therefore creatinine 10 occur and we need to lower creatinine 10 as soon as possible.

Hot Compress Therapy for Creatinine 10 in PKD

In order to lower creatinine 10,we need to shrink cysts on kidneys at first place. Hot Compress Therapy contains two bags which are full of Chinese medicines. Those bags will be put on the back of body. The BL 23 acupoint is the back area which is a special access for Chinese medicines. The mild and activated Chinese medicines will enter into kidney thus shrinking cysts directly and immediately. Meanwhile the damaged kidney absorbs some nutrition to self-recovery. Therefore renal functions can be improved to some certain degree.

If you have PKD problems, it is lucky for you to find Hot Compress Therapy. Email to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com with patient’s information and our experts will give you individual suggestions for free within 48 hours.

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