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Is There Any Way to Recover Damaged Kidneys

2013-11-18 13:44

Is There Any Way to Recover Damaged Kidneys Kidney damage often results from other conditions such as diabetes, kidney cyst and hypertension. Damaged kidneys may not only kidney function level but also shorten patients’ life expectancy. If you happen to have a same problem, whether there is any way to recover damaged kidneys must be your concern.

What is the answer?

Generally speaking, the extent you can recover damaged kidneys depends on how severe the damage is, the underlying cause and types of complication you have. If your kidneys are damaged slightly and you still have high level of kidney function, some treatments can help recover impaired kidney cells successfully. However, if your illness condition has progressed to end stage renal disease (ESRD), it is nearly impossible to reverse your kidney damage. In this case, the ultimate purpose of treatment is to stop kidney condition from worsening.

What treatments can help recover damaged kidneys?

As chronic kidney disease is intractable, simple medical treatment may not work. Therefore, to fight against kidney problems, you need to change from diet to medications.

1. Diet principles

Although diet can’t cure kidney disease from the root, it does play a crucial effect on treating kidney disease. To keep kidneys as healthy as possible, the basic principle of kidney diet is to avoid requiring them to work too hard. For example, excess intake of protein and salt can increase the workload on kidneys.

2. Prompt managements of complications

High blood pressure, proteinuria and hematuria are common complications of kidney damage, and they, in turn, can cause further damage to kidney tissues especially glomeruli. In most cases, healthy diet and correct medicines can help manage these problems effectively. (If you are suffering from any uncontrollable problem, you can tell us by leaving a message below, and we will give you some individual suggestions.)

3. Fix damaged kidneys

In our body, every cell have certain self-repairing ability. If the kidney damage is slight, kidneys can repair by themselves, but the extent of kidney damage is beyond their ability, some medical treatments are needed to increase this ability. Traditional Chinese medicine has a property of boosting the self-curative ability of damaged kidney cells, so as to improve the recovery of damaged kidneys.

Both detailed diet and medications should depend on your individual condition, so you had better consult doctors firstly before taking any food or medicine.

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