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How to Improve the Life Expectancy for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-01-25 02:50

How to Improve the Life Expectancy for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney DiseaseHow to improve the life expectancy for stage 4 chronic kidney disease? Chronic kidney disease is a common disease among people, and the disease can be divided into 5 stages. Stage 4 CKD means the kidney function has been reduced severely, if patients don't have prompt and effective treatment, they will quickly decelop into end stage kidney disease. In that condition, they have to live on dialysis or wait for a kidney transplant, which will make them have a bad life expectancy.

Then how to improve the life expectancy for stage 4 CKD?

1. Control the symptoms

For stage 4 CKD patients, they often have the symptoms such as proteinuria, blood urine, high blood pressure and swelling. If these symptoms cant be controlled effectively, it will make further damage to kidneys. So stage 4 CKD patients should firmly control their symptoms, which can help slow down the progression of kidney failure.

2. Keep a kidney-friendly diet and healthy lifestyle

All the kidney disease patients should keep a kidney-friendly diet, which can help them reduce their kidney burden and protect the residual kidney function. And thay often recommended to keep a low-protein, low-salt, low-fluid diet and supply enough vitamins, all these will be helpful for their kidney disease. PAtients need to plan their diet depending on their illness condition. Besides, they also need to keep a healthy lifestyle, such as avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol, doing some proper exercises everyday.

3. Medical treatment for stage 4 CKD

Stage 4 CKD patients also need to have effective treatment to repair their kidney damage and improve their kidney function. only the kidney function is improved, patients can prevent the end atage kidney disease. We recommend stage 4 CKD patients to have Chinese therapies to remedy their kidney disease, such as Chinese herbal medicines, medicated bath, foot bath and so on. Through the systemic treatment, patients can improve their kidney dinction and the aymptoms will be remitted obviously. if you are stage 4 CKD patients, and you want to prolong your life expectancy, you can contact us, we will do our best to help you.

FRom above, we can know that stage 4 chronic kidney disease parients should remit their symptoms, keep a well-planed diet and remedy their kidney damage, all these can help improve their life expectancy.

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