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What does Creatinine 2.16 Implies in Chronic Kidney Disease

2015-08-13 17:31

What does Creatinine 2.16 Implies in Chronic Kidney DiseaseWhat does 2.16 creatinine level implies in chronic kidney disease ? Creatinine level as one of the indicator of kidney disease, it is less sensitive than GFR, only after the kidney function down to 50% it will increase. That is to say once the creatinine level goes to increase that implies that the kidneys have been damaged in some degree.  

What does creatinine 2.16umol/l implies in kidney disease ?

In clinic, creatinine 2.16umol/l is in stage 3 kidney disease, form this level we can know that the kidneys have been damaged moderately and there are just left less half of kidneys can work normally. So that demand the patient to take actions immediately to prevent the disease goes worse.

How to prevent high creatinine level goes high ?

First, you should make a diet plan with the help of your nutritionist that is helpful for relieving the workload of your kidneys, thus to prevent them from further damage.

However, only depend on diet can not stop the progression of this disease. The key point to prevent the disease goes worse is the properly treatment.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the innovation of traditional Chinese herb medicines has remarkable effect in treating kidney disease, it can relieve the symptoms of kidney disease like high creatinine level by improving the kidney function. With the help of this therapy, the kidney disease patient with creatinine 2.16uml/l can have a chance to live like a normal person.

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