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How to Lower Protein Leakage

2013-10-12 15:31

How to Lower Protein LeakageHow to lower protein leakage? More and more protein leak into urine is the typical feature of kidney disease. Therefore, reduce of protein in urine is always regarded as a sign of recovery. Well, for people with kidney problem, why they have protein in urine? How to lower protein leakage on earth?

Why kidney disease patients have protein in urine?

Proteinuria is a sign of kidney disease, but it does not mean all the people with protein in urine must have kidney problem. In medicine, some illnesses like UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and kidney infection also can cause excessive protein in urine. Therefore, when patients are tested to have protein in urine, they need to have further tests to find out the real causes.

People have protein in urine when his kidneys are injured as kidney is responsible for preserving protein in urine. In kidney, there is glomerular filtration membrane which works through charge barrier and mechanical barrier. When blood flows through this membrane, wastes are discharged and nutrition are kept in the body. However, kidney damages make kidney failure in performing this function, which lead to protein leakage directly.

How to lower protein leakage?

With excess protein in urine, kidney disease patients are always asked to limit protein intake, as it is said the more protein they ingest, the more serious the protein leakage is. Adjusting protein intake is very necessary and beneficial for kidney disease patients, but it can not resolve problem radically.

In cases of kidney disease, protein leakage results from decreased filtration function of glomerular filtration function. Therefore, only when affected membrane is repaired, can protein leakage be stopped and can protein in urine be reduced successfully.

Chinese medicine is a good choice for kidney disease patients with protein leakage, as some of them have been proven to be able to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. In this way, damages on glomerular filtration membrane can be repaired. With different illness condition, different Chinese medicines are required, so if you want to know what Chinese medicines are suitable for you, you can send your test report to, our nephrologists will help you figure out the best Chinese medicine.

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