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The Reasons and Treatment of Kidney Atrophy

2016-12-29 13:54

The Reasons and Treatment of Kidney AtrophyRenal atrophy has a close relationship with the change in renal function, so it can predict the pathological changes of kidneys. Then, what are the reasons of kidney atrophy and how to treat it?

An infection in a kidney can cause a kidney shrink. Normally kidney infections do not cause permanent damage to a kidney, or leave a small scarred area in the kidney. Occasionally, a severe kidney infection such as acute pyelonephritis can damage the kidneys so much and kidneys becomes small. This is a common reason causing kidney shrinks. In general, when chronic kidney disease develops renal insufficiency, especially Renal Failure or Uremia, kidneys have been damaged severely, renal parenchyma will be damaged and kidneys will shrink. Also, congenital renal agenesis can cause kidney shrink.

How to treat kidney atrophy?

As to the treatment, surgical removal of a small kidney is often performed, but not always necessary. If a small kidney is causing no problems there is no need to remove it. If the kidney is causing pain or recurrent infection, or is suspected to be a cause of high blood pressure, removal may be indicated. In addition to the surgical removal, for some people with small kidney who are not suitable to get the surgery, Chinese herbal medicines can also be another treatment option. They can help enhance kidney function through improving the condition of kidneys, in that case, people with small kidney can also live a nearly normal life.

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