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What Is The Harm Effect For The Spleen Insufficiency

2018-08-03 09:55

When you have spleen problems you must know more about your condition,then the following will show you the symptoms of spleen problem.What are the harms of spleen deficiency

1.The spleen governs the transportation of water and grain into essence. Spleen has the physiological function of transforming food into essence and transferring essence and substance to the whole body. Loss of health due to spleen deficiency can lead to anorexia, abdominal distension, chronic diarrhea, listlessness, emaciation, qi deficiency, anemia and other symptoms.

2. The spleen governs the transportation of water. Spleen plays an important role in the absorption, transportation and distribution of water. Spleen deficiency will lead to dampness, phlegm and even edema.

3. The spleen governs the ascending and clearing of the spleen, which can transport the nutrition absorbed from food to the heart, lungs and head to nourish the whole body. Qi depression due to spleen deficiency can lead to fatigue, dizziness of the leader, abdominal distension, diarrhea, even prolonged prolapse of the anus and prolapse of internal organs, etc.

4. The spleen governs blood and the spleen has the function of maintaining the normal operation of blood in vessels. Spleen deficiency can easily lead to bleeding, including various kinds of bleeding, such as gum bleeding, nose bleeding, hematochezia, urine bleeding, prolonged menstruation and so on.

5. Spleen governs the brain. Modern people often think too much, leading to spleen deficiency, which leads to symptoms such as lack of food, abdominal distention and dizziness.

6. Saliva is the liquid of spleen. Saliva is also the reason for spleen deficiency. In addition to drooling, the fat tongue and has teeth marks on its sides are also indicator of spleen deficient.

7, spleen governs muscle. Muscle is not full or easy to ache and so on are caused by spleen deficiency.

From above comments about spleen insufficiency we can know that spleen is the most important organ to all of us,that can affect the normal metabolism and other organs functions, and as a international hospital Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed a systemic natural treatment for it ,and has obtained excellent treatment effect,then if you have any questions about your spleen please contact us through the following:


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