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Some Strange Smells May Show The Kidney Problems

2018-08-17 09:26

In daily life someone often has some discomforts through it can not affect his normal life ,it may influence the relationship between different persons.Such as when the mouth smells bad, it is maybe a sign that the internal organs have disease, so we should go to see doctor timely.

Bland taste in the mouth: it is caused by spleen deficiency, it is common in digestive system disease, endocrine disease and malnourished patients.

Bitter taste in the mouth: it is maybe liver heat if your mouth is bitter and urine is yellow in the morning; eating oily and eating too much will aggravate your symptoms, maybe it is cholelithiasis.

Salty taste in the mouth: it is connected with kidney, if you have the symptoms like tongue white, more urination, lassitude and soreness of waist and chills, maybe it is kidney damage.

Ozostomia: periodontitis, decayed tooth, dyspepsia all can cause ozostomia.

Sour taste in the mouth: it is connected with liver, it is more common in gastritis, and if you have weakness, appetite decreases, which are the symptoms of spleen deficiency.All these bad smells are caused by the BUN which is the metabolism wastes ,when your kidney function has been damaged BUN can not be discharged out of body and produce the strange smell in your mouth.

The BUN (blood urea nitrogen) is a kind of nitrogen-containing compound in plasma, except protein, which is excreted from body by GFR. When the kidney failure function is damaged mildly, BUN may not change; But when GFR drops to below 50%, BUN will increase. For the patients with chronic kidney failure, the increasing level of BUN equals to severity of illness condition:

Compensation period of kidney failure: GFR will drop to 50 ml/min, BUN<9 mmol/L

Decompensation period of kidney failure: BUN >9 mmol/L;

Kidney failure period: BUN >20 mmol/L.

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