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Pay Attention To The Silent Killer:Chronic Kidey Disease

2018-09-28 09:20

Nowadays , with the change of people’s lifestyle and the high quality of life , the incidence of membranous nephropathy in China has increased year by year and the disease spectrum has become increasingly westernized.The more important thing is that the lifestyle of Chinese has lasted for thousands years ,and the physiological structure of body has accustomed to the Chinese diet culture.Then when you find your own kidney problem you should consider the treatment methods according to your own condition.Furthermore you must pay more attention to the danger signals of your body,especially the chronic kidney disease is often common in daily life.

Chronic kidney disease is called ” silent killer”. There are about 120 million patients with chronic kidney disease in our country, among them 140 million patients are suffering from membranous kidney disease every year. The age of 50 – 70 years is the high incidence age, and the incidence rate of male is higher than that of female.

It is common to many patients who have almost no symptoms at the early stage for the little damage to their kidney function,and are easily ignored and misdiagnosed. But your body will show some warning signals: Some patients have increased foam in the urine, and may also have edema, edema of eyelids or ankles, and increased number of night urine.

People with frequent colds, allergies, family history of tumors, hepatitis B and lupus erythematosus are among the high-risk groups of secondary membranous nephropathy, and should be alert.

In addition, organic solvents in furniture and decoration, chromium in implanted artificial metal teeth, lead, mercury and hair dye in poor-quality whitening cosmetics are often other causes of membranous nephropathy.

As soon as you find your abnormal condition you must go to see a doctor in time,that means to standardize treatment to avoid delay of illness

The vast majority of membranous nephropathy is difficult to cure, about one-third of the patients are difficult to cure, and their condition is easy to repeat, the recurrence rate is high, and complications are easy to occur.

Except the treatment in time ,as to the patient’s diet it is also very important to improve the condition,In terms of diet, patients with membranous nephropathy should drink less salt and meat soup. Eat more high-quality protein such as eggs.

The high-risk population with frequent edema should do some tests of urine routine, urinary albumin and urinary protein creatinine ratio in the physical examination so as to achieve early detection and treatment.After the examination the doctor can diagnose which kind of kidney disease you get and what treatment is necessary to patients.By the way if you have more questions please contact us through the information as following:


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