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Urine Test Is The Important Indicator To Show Your Condition

2018-11-21 10:23

Urine is the main metabolic products and can reflect the body’s exact condition,then many patients are demanded to do urine routine test to know what their condition is ,and to kidney patients they often have frequent and urgent urine or burning urination.Only these symptoms occuring doesn’t mean you must have kidney problems,and then how to diagnose and distinguish it is the following contents.

First, the physiological frequency of urination and urgency of urination

A large number of drinking water, eating watermelon, etc. have increased urination times and frequent urination due to increased water intake. During pregnancy, the enlarged uterus will compress the bladder and cause urgency. Women also have the feeling of urgency when they are sexually aroused.

II. Frequent and urgent urination caused by inflammation

1. Urinary tract infections: Features: Frequent micturition but less micturition each time, accompanied by urinary irritation symptoms such as urgency and pain in urination. Urine microscopic examination showed white blood cells, red blood cells and pus cells.

2. Prostatitis. Symptoms can be atypical and easily misdiagnosed as urinary tract infection, requiring careful elimination by ultrasound or X – ray examination.

There is also a special case where frequent and urgent urination can occur when people are extremely anxious.that means the bad emotion can affect your health directly ,then the psychological health is also important to everyone.

Third, frequent and urgent urination in kidney disease

1. PyeloNephritis: High fever, nausea, soreness of the whole body, and pain in the kidney area, accompanied by frequent and urgent urination

2. Kidney stones: Renal colic broke out in the kidney area, and then macroscopic hematuria or microscopic hematuria accompanied by urgency of urination could occur.

In fact, frequent and urgent urination, most of which is not a serious illness, can be cured after routine treatment in the local hospital. Unless … you meet the so-called ” no medicine to cure” – chronic interstitial nephritis.

Chronic interstitial nephritis

Features: Most of these people have taken nephrotoxic drugs or been exposed to pollutants, showing anemia, polyuria and increased nocturia.

In addition, interstitial nephritis usually has the following test results:

① urinary nag enzyme and β 2 microglobulin increased;

② B – mode ultrasonography showed that the kidney was reduced in size.

According to the test results above we can know the situation our body,and if you want to know more information about the kidney problems please contact us through the following:


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