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Symptoms of Low Hemoglobin in CKD

2014-01-22 07:27

Symptoms of Low Hemoglobin in CKDWhat are the symptoms of low hemoglobin in CKD? This is a question we received from a CKD patient who find his low hemoglobin level in his blood test. Similar with high creatinine level and high BUN level, low hemoglobin level can be also regarded as a sign of kidney disease. Therefore, patients should pay attention to their hemoglobin level.

We should first know the normal hemoglobin level for healthy people, which is:

- Newborn baby: 17-22 gm/dl

- Child: 11-13 gm/dl

- Adult for male: 14-18gm/dl

- Adult for female: 12-16gm/dl

Then patients should know what can cause low hemoglobin in CKD?

Hemoglobin is a kind of protein which can help make the blood red, and it is a kind of protein which contains iron. The function of hemoglobin is to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide, which can help keep the acid-base balance in blood.

For CKD patients, their kidneys have been damaged, and the kidneys will lose their function to produce enough hemopoietin for patients. Besides, the damaged kidneys will cause the toxins and wastes build up in blood, which will be bad for the survive of red blood cells.

There are also some other cases that will cause low hemoglobin. For CKD patients, they need to restrict their daily diet, so the iron intake reduced and the loss of iron, will also cause low hemoglobin. And CKD patients often need to limit their protein intake, and the proteinuria will also cause loss of protein, which contains loss of hemoglobin.

What are the common symptoms of low hemoglobin in CKD?

- Easy fatigue and weakness

- Dizziness and top-heavy

- Chest pain and shortness of breath

- Cant do the normal physical activity completely

- Cardiopalmus

- Severe anemia, such as pale skin, pale tongue and nails

- Baldness

For low hemoglobin patients with CKD, they need to have treatment to increase their hemoglobin level, which can help remit their symptoms caused by low hemoglobin. If you want to get the detailed information to improve the hemoglobin level, you can contact our experts online. They will help you as soon as possible.

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