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What are the Symptoms of Gout for CKD Patients

2014-01-25 02:51

What are the Symptoms of Gout for CKD PatientsWhat are the symptoms of gout for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients? Gout is often a complication for CKD patients, when their kidneys are damaged severely. Before we get the symptoms of gout for CKD patients, we need first know how CKD causes gout.

How does CKD cause gout?

The gout is mainly caused by the high uric acids level in blood. When people get high uric acids level (hyperuricemia), the urate crystals will build up around the joints, and it will cause inflammation and sever pain when people have gouts.

For CKD patients, their kidneys are damaged and the excess uric acids cant be excreted into urine, this will cause high uric acid level and patients are more easily to have gouts.

What are the symptoms of gout for CKD patients?

Sings and symptoms of gout for CKD patients are generally acute, they often occur on suddenly and without warning. And the gout often occurs mostly at night.

- Severe pain in joints

Patients often experience severe pain in ankles, hands, wrists, knees or feet, and the big toe is more commonly to be affected.

- Gradually goes away

If the gout is left untreated, it may last for one week, and then is will gradually go away during the following week or two.

- Itchy and peeling skin later

For people with gout, they may feel itchy skin and peeling skin around the affected area, which may make people torturous.

- Redness and inflammation

People may have tender, red ans swollen joints in the area with gout, and they may also experience the most pain.

- Red/purplish pain

The affected area may become red or purplish.

- Fever

Because of the inflammation and infections, some people may have an elevated temperature.

- Less flexibility

The affected joint may become harder, which will make people have a difficulty to move.

- No symptoms

Some people may have no symptoms when they have gouts, in this condition, the gout can easily get into chronic gout.

- Nodules

The gout may first occur as tophi (nodules) in elbows, hands or ears.

Above are the common symptoms of gout for CKD patients, so if patients have one or more of these symptoms, they need to have effective treatment to control it, in order to prevent it develop into more serious conditions.

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