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Creatinine 258 and Edema on Left Foot for Diabetic Nephropathy

2013-11-17 14:07

Creatinine 258 and Edema on Left Foot for Diabetic NephropathyDiabetic Nephropathy, or diabetic kidney disease, results from long-term uncontrolled high blood glucose. As kidneys fail to work, extra fluid may retain in some regions including foot, and waste products build up in the body. Creatinine 258 and edema on left foot are just caused by these reasons.

What is normal creatinine level?

Creatinine is generated from creatine during muscle metabolism. For healthy people, kidneys are responsible for discharging waste products and toxins from the body, so normal creatinine level ranges from 44-133umol/L for male, 70-108umol/l for female and 25-69umol/L for child.

Too strenuous exercise, eating too much meat, side effect of some medications, etc, may cause temporary increase of creatinine level. Addition to these causes, the decline of kidney function is the leading cause of lasted high creatinine level.

What causes edema for Diabetic Nephropathy patients?

Diabetic Nephropathy is one condition, in which high blood glucose damages the blood capillaries, also known as glomeruli, throughout the kidneys. As soon as glomeruli are damaged severely, they can’t play their filtration barrier function or maintain fluid-sodium balance. Then, a lot of protein leaks from the kidney and fluid retains in some tissues. Finally, edema or swelling occurs easily for Diabetic Nephropathy patients.

How to creatinine 258 and edema on left foot due to Diabetic Nephropathy?

Some patients try some medications such as ketosteril and ACEi to control these symptoms. However, the effects are not so obvious, because they can do little to manage damaged glomeruli. Today, we would like to recommend some natural remedies.

- Medicated bath: This is one therapy that can be done at home. It can help regulate blood circulation all over the body and increase the urine output.

- Foot bath: With help of Chinese medicine, foot bath has an obvious effect on improving blood circulation on feet. Therefore, it can help ease edema on feet largely.

- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: Based on TCM, this therapy is able to increase the self-curative ability of damaged kidney cells and transport enough blood and nutritions for kidney cells, so as to achieve the restoration of damaged glomeruli.

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