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Chinese Medicine for Swollen Ankles in Diabetes

2014-05-27 06:54

Chinese Medicine for Swollen Ankles in DiabetesSwollen ankles is a common problem of people with Diabetes. Here, we will introduce Chinese medicine treatment for this symptom. If you are interested to learn more useful information, please read on or chat with our online doctor now for free help.

* Herbs

- Dandelion. It is a common herbal remedy for edema. Dandelion can reduces water retention and helps to prevent potassium loss that may occur with diuretics.

- Ginkgo. Ginkgo is an important staple of Chinese medicine. It improves circulation and decreases fluid retention.

- Burdock root. This herb is used in traditional Chinese medicine as diuretic, blood purifier, and heart tonic. Its diuretic properties have been found helpful in reducing swelling and fluid retentio of the body.

If you are interested to know more detailed herbs list for swollen ankles in Diabetes, please Email us at kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. It’s our pleasure to share helpful suggestions.

* Herbal remedy

Herbal medicine remedy called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been shown quite effective in eliminating swollen ankles in Diabetes, as the therapy can work to dilate the blood vessels, improve the micro-circulation, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, repair the damaged kidney inherent cells, and restore the overall renal function. When kidneys working better and better, symptoms like swelling will disappear spontaneously.

To learn more detailed introduction about Osmotherapy, please check Here. Then, you will have a better understanding of our featured treatment.

Hope the afore-mentioned introduction of Chinese medicine for swollen ankles in Diabetes can be useful for your better understanding of managing your kidney disorder. In case you still have anything unclear, please leave your doubt in the section as below. We will reply you soon!

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