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Kidneys are Working at 8% in ESRD without Dialysis Is It Dangerous

When kidneys are working at 8% in ESRD without dialysis, is it dangerous? If you are seeking for an answer to this question, you can read this article to learn more....Read More

Is a Creatinine Level of 9.1 on Dialysis in ESRD Good or Bad

Is a creatinine level of 9.1 on dialysis in ESRD good or bad? After getting asked about this question, we provide analysis as below....Read More

Can Kidneys Recover from Stage 5 Kidney Disease Due to Lupus

Can kidneys recover from Stage 5 Kidney Disease due to lupus? Many patients have consulted us about this question....Read More

Creatinine 5.3 in Renal Failure How to Avoid Dialysis or Transplant

With diagnosis of creatinine 5.3 in Renal Failure, how can patients avoid dialysis or kidney transplant? Many kidney patients are seeking for an answer to this question....Read More

What does It Mean When Creatinine Level is 5.9 in ESRD

What does it mean when creatinine level is 5.9 in ESRD? For patients who have got diagnosed of this disorder, they may wonder about the question....Read More

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