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Urea 105.40 and Creatinine 4.74, What Should I Do for My Mom

2017-10-30 11:17

Urea 105.40 and Creatinine 4.74, What Should I Do for My MomVisitor 10-29 11:00:14

My mom has a kidney disease. She has high urea and creatinine.

kidney-expert 10-29 11:00:41

What is the current kidney function or creatinine level? Do you know?

Visitor 10-29 11:00:57

Yes. Urea 105.40. Creatinine 4.74.

kidney-expert 10-29 11:02:21

Does she has diabetes, high blood pressure, or other problem?

Visitor 10-29 11:03:31

Yes, she has diabetes and bp as well. Yesterday diabetes was 217. And bp was normal.

kidney-expert 10-29 11:03:53

Her blood sugar is very high. Has she take insulin? If possible, please take other medicines even insulin to control blood sugar well. It is because high blood sugar and high blood pressure is very harmful for the blood vessels throughout the whole body and give further damage to the weaker kidneys. Also, please cook rightly for her. For her case, please reduce the intakes of salt, fat, protein, sugar, carbohydrate and other substances. It can help her maintain the illness condition. Besides, the specific diet plans will be made according to her current illness conditions.

Visitor 10-29 11:04:26

Can you tell me what medicine should I give her for the same?

kidney-expert 10-29 11:05:09

I suggest her to take some Chinese medicines involving Steaming Therapy, Toxin-Removing Therapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and so on to restore damaged kidneys and improve renal function. But which one is better for her depends on her current illness conditions. Can you send her medical reports to me? Our doctor will analyze it and give you more information.

Visitor 10-29 11:05:28

OK. It is not here with me. How can I send it to you?

kidney-expert 10-29 11:05:33

You can send it to my e-mail: kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. Can I get your contact information?

Visitor 10-29 11:05:48

E-mail id: phone no.

kidney-expert 10-29 11:06:02

OK. I will communicate with your within 24 hours. Have a good day.

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