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How Serious Is Creatinine 9.4 and How to Treat It for My Brother

2017-11-03 11:14

creatinine 9.4, kidney disease, natural treatmentsGuest 10-31 02:07:06

Creatinine level of my brother is 9.4mg/dl. How serious is this? And how to treat?

kidney-expert 10-31 02:07:26

Creatinine 9.4mg/dl shows his kidneys are damaged more than 90%, and that he has a great amount toxins and wastes gathered in his body. In clinic, almost all the patients with creatinine 9.4mg/dl have started dialysis to alleviate certain symptoms and stay alive. If the patients do not take careful of themselves at this time, they will have risk for death. Does he start dialysis?

Guest 10-31 02:08:51

No, the doctor had recommended that, but he doesn’t want to go through it. Is There any other treatment?

kidney-expert 10-31 02:09:11

Yes, with some natural treatments to recover kidney function, his conditions will get improved gradually. At present, I need to ask some personal information to have a rough comprehension of his condition, and thus, I can give you more treatment suggestions. Any symptoms now? like foamy urine, swelling, fatigue, back pain, anemia, itching, etc?

Guest 10-31 02:09:43

Yes, swelling is there in full body. He is not eating anything. Blood is also coming with urine.

kidney-expert 10-31 02:10:22

For how long? Swelling and poor appetite?

Guest 10-31 02:11:17

From last two weeks.

kidney-expert 10-31 02:12:33

Got it. If necessary, please try to persuade him to take dialysis since his condition is very serious. Here I recommend he to try some Chinese medicines to improve the kidney function and alleviate the swelling, blood in urine and other symptoms naturally and effectively. If you are interested in these, please give me your or his personal contact information. Limited words here, I would like to send you relative information and effective suggestions by other ways to help him. I’d like to send you related information and effective suggestions to help, What is your phone number or email address ?

kidney-expert 10-31 02:14:00

OK. E-mail ID is. Thanks in advance for any information you will give me.

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