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How to Control Bubbles in Urine High Creatinine Uncontrolled Blood Pressure

2017-11-05 11:25

control bubbles in urine high creatinine uncontrolled blood pressure, high creatinine, natural treatmentsPatients: I found many bubbles in urine five years back. My serum creatinine is high in November last year. And I have high blood pressure and can not control it well now. Please suggest.

Doctor: This is Sunny from Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Bubbles in urine suggests protein in urine, which is the early sign of kidney disease. High creatinine level suggests more than 50% of the kidney function has been damaged. Your disease develops very fast. I doubt it is a kind of immune disease. If you don’t have family history of hypertension, your hypertension is most possibly caused by your kidney disease. In late stage kidney disease, the kidneys will start renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system and cause high blood pressure.

I suggest you test Circulating Immune Complex (CIC) to see whether there is immune complex deposition in the kidneys. I hope you can send me your biopsy report and other test reports. I will analyze it and give you specific advice. Any help, you can contact me.

Patient: Thanks for your email. Surely, i will send my reports to as early as possible.

Doctor:Have you done the test I suggested? I’m still waiting for your test reports. Your serum creatinine is 4.65. That’s really too high. Your disease is in stage 4 now. You have to receive early treatment to prevent kidney failure. If treated now, your disease can still be reversed. We are one of the largest kidney disease specialized hospital in China. The basic treatment I recommend are Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Toxin-Removing Therapy. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a kind of external application. The Chinese herbal medicine is micronized into one thousandths of its original size. With the action of the microscope, it can arrive directly into the kidneys through skin and channels. The absorption rate and bioactivity of the medicine has been highly improved. It can expand the blood vessels, improve the blood circulation and increase the blood flow in the kidneys. In this way, the self renewal of the damaged cells will be reactivated thus recovering the kidney function. Toxin-Removing Therapy can help you reduce creatinine and some deposited toxins, enhance the effects of other treatments, alleviate the symptoms and so on. I think your disease is not caused by hypertension, but auto immune disease. So I suggest Immunotherapy be used to regulate the whole immune system.

Hope you can send me your reports soon so that I can be even clearer about your condition.

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