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I Have Creatinine of 5.4 in Hypertensive Kidney Disease What to Do

2014-08-11 06:50

I Have Creatinine of 5.4 in Hypertensive Kidney Disease What to DoOnce we got a query from one patient, he stated, “I have creatinine of 5.4 in Hypertensive Kidney Disease. What should I do to deal with the disorder?” To help people who have similar doubt, we offer analysis as below. Read on to learn more useful information. Or, consult our online doctor now for professional help.

Is your creatinine of 5.4 in Hypertensive Kidney Disease bad?

As is known, your current condition is quite serious at advanced stage of renal disease with severe decrease of kidney capacity. As renal function declines, you will experience symptoms such as swelling of the body, anemia, itchy skin, fatigue, etc. Left untreated, you will progress to end-stage renal disease in the near future.

What to do if you have creatinine of 5.4 in Hypertensive Kidney Disease?

For your current situation, the most important thing is to adopt prompt and effective treatment to protect and improve your residual renal function. With kidneys working better and better, elevated creatinine level can be brought down naturally over time. Then, you can avoid kidney failure successfully.

In modern medical technology, the most effective treatment for your disease is herbal remedy called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. As a novel therapy, Chinese herb medicine is externally used to repair the damaged kidneys and restore your overall kidney function. By timely taking this therapy, you can definitely avoid dialysis and enjoy a normal, long life.

If you are interested to get evaluated for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, please Email us at kidney-treatment@hotmail.com with your test reports or detailed disease information. Our kidney experts team will make a personalized analysis and reply you soon within 24 hours. Still have anything unclear, feel free to let us know. Thanks for your time reading!

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