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Some Choices of Treatments To Lower Blood Pressure

2018-08-30 09:33

In most cases, diet modifications and correct medical treatments can be helpful to lower kidney disease patients' blood pressure.

1. Arrange a healthy diet: It should depend on stages of kidney disease. In stage 1-2, dietitian may recommend patients follow a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and dairy foods. Also, the diet should be low in sodium and sugar. As their kidney disease progresses, the intake of protein, cholesterol, saturated fat, potassium and phosphorus may also be reduced based on patients' condition.

2. Anti-hypertensive medications: To make high blood pressure decline to a normal range, some anti-hypertensive drugs such as ACEI, ARB, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, diuretic, etc, may be prescribed. However, never take any medication blindly.

3. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: With the effect of anti-coagulation and extending blood pressure, this therapy can reduce the force of blood against the walls of blood vessels, thus lowering hypertension. Besides, this therapy can also help reverse patients' kidney damage and improve kidney function.

In common situation the patient always choose taking some medicines to lower their blood pressure and have good effect,but with the time goes by the side effect of medicine will affect their health,then more and more patients want to accept another alternative treatment--natural treatment with Chinese herbal medicines,except the comments above if you want to know more information about the natural treatment please consult us through the following message:

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